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  Open swim flyer 2014 

Airport Area YMCA Aquatics

We offer swim lessons, water aerobics and lifeguarding classes.


Swim Lessons

Swim Lesson Schedule 2014 


 Learn to swim with the big fish at the Airport Area YMCA!

 Check back in Spring 2013 for an updated schedule of swim lessons.

 General Swim Lesson Information 

  • Each session consists of eight lessons, which run Monday through Thursday for two weeks.
  • Fridays are reserved for rain out make-ups.
  • The pool will be closed and lessons will be cancelled for the following: we see lightning; we hear thunder; or our visibility of the pool bottom is hindered by rain. The pool will close for 30 minutes from the point of incident. Lessons that have met for at least 20 minutes will not be made up.
  • The YMCA will make up only two lessons per session due to YMCA cancellation. 
  • All YMCA Swim Instructors are certified according to standards set by the YMCA of the USA and the YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth.


Class Structures

Parent/Child Water Adjustment Classes

Class duration: 30 minutes 

6 months--3 years

Water adjustment classes provide your child, in the company of a trusted parent or other adult and under the guidance of a trained YMCA staff member, a positive aquatic environment and experience. We encourage infants and their parents to enjoy themselves while learning. With parental supervision, the child will be exposed to games and activities that use basic skills in the water, such as kicking, arm strokes, floating and breath control. Children progress at their own rate depending on their developmental readiness.  

Each session consists of 8 lessons.
Lessons are held Mondaythrough Thursday each week.  

Preschool Lessons

Class duration: 30 minutes

3--5 years

There are 4 classifications for preschoolers:

  • Pike/Eel ---Newer aquatics enviroment
  •                   Learning to float on there own
  •                   Learning to jump off the side of  the pool
  •                     * Have not mastered kicking or
  •                        gliding
  • Ray/Starfish --- can: float on their front 
  •                       or back
  •                       *Do not need flotation devices
  •                         to swim
  •                       *Have not mastered the back
  •                         crawl stroke
  •                      * Learing the crawl stroke
  •                       *Learning rotary breathing

School-Age Lessons

Class duration: 45 minutes

6 years and up

  • Polliwog --- new to anaquatics
  •                        environment and still
  •                        uncomfortable in the water
  •                      * similar to pike/eel but for
  •                         older shildren
  • Guppy/Minnow ---do not need flotation
  •                       devices to swim
  •                      * Learning to swim proficiently
  •                         using the crawl stroke
  •                       *Learning to swim proficiently
  •                         using rotary breathing
  •                       * Have not mastered the back
  •                         crawl stroke
  • Fish/Flying fish --- can: swim 2 lengths 
    •                               of the pool using the
    •                               front-crawl stroke with
    •                               rotary breathing and
    •                               the back crawl stroke
    •                             * Have not mastered the
    •                                breaststoke or dolphine
    •                                kick
    •                             * Have not mastered
    •                                the butterfly or open
    •                                turns 

Teen & Adult Lessons

16 years and up
  • Beginner --- The goal is to help the beginner or non-beginner feel comfortable in the water.  Participants can progress at their own rate and learn methods to help overcome their reservations about the water. Participants will learn breath control and basics of floating and gliding.
  • Advanced Beginner --- For those that are comfortable in the water but lacking in the skills to perform the basic strokes. Participants will learn floating and front and back strokes.


Alternative Class Structures


Saturday-Only Lessons


Especially for busy families, we are offering classes that meet only on Saturdays — four lessons on consecutive Saturdays.

Private Lessons


Available on request.


Please call our front desk at 817-571-3371 for more information or to sign up.

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