adventure guides

The Adventure Guides program pairs you with your child on a journey of discovery and learning. You’ll join with other parent-child pairs in a Circle with whom you participate in activities like games, camping trips, ceremonies and family adventures. Throughout this journey, the Adventure Guides compass points - family, nature, community, and fun; paired with the YMCA Character Development values - will provide a sense of direction and inspiration for activities. Your Circle will also participate in larger activities like:

  • Stock Show Parade
  • Spring and Fall Campouts at Camp Carter
  • Parade of Lights
  • Mother’s Day Crafts
  • Ice Skating
  • And much, much more!

This program is a parent-child program that fosters a lifetime of understanding and companionship to strengthen the relationship between children and their parents.

This program is designed for parents or other significant adults in a child’s life, and their children ages 5 through 12. An adult and child attend all activities together.

Program begins registering in the Fall, and runs throughout the school year.

Please contact the Northpark YMCA for more details on this great program!



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