Step Up for Kids makes Y membership possible

The YMCA offers financial assistance for all of its programs and membership for families and individuals in need. Here is one story from one mom, told in her own words:

“Words cannot adequately express what the scholarship from the Ryan Family YMCA did for my family. As a mother of 3 young children, the ability to access the Y’s facilities helped save my sanity on many days. It allowed me to offer my children experiences they otherwise would not have had. From the water park, to Child Watch, to KidFit, my kids were able to enjoy swimming, exercise, activities, and interacting with other children on a regular basis. I watched my children gain confidence and social skills as they played with other children and explored their water abilities.”

“Personally, the scholarship began a road to fitness for me. It started as simply walking on the treadmill while I got a break from my energetic children, but I quickly caught the exercise bug. I signed up for MobilFit and then Tour de Texas – both wonderful motivators to keep coming back. I now work out regularly and have seen an increase in my stamina, energy, and strength.”

“We owe a lot to those who donate to Step Up for Kids. My family is better off for being a part of the YMCA community - we have grown and we are healthier. That was only made possible by the financial assistance we received.”

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