Imagine Your Impact

The Silvers

Jordan Silver remembers being dragged into a YMCA teen program at his school. "I didn't want to go - I was a shy kid, even though I was 6'2" and the tallest kid in school," he remembers. But once he joined and met the counselors, he admits, "it changed my life." By the time he was a senior, he was president of the group and had learned a lot about community service.

"It taught us to always give back, no matter where you go, what you do, always, always, always give back, because there are always gonna be people who need guidance like we needed when we were there," Jordan explains.

Jordan has volunteered in Y programs and his younger sister, Mercedes, is following in his footsteps. She was also president of the Y group at school and says Y programs helped prepare her for college and life. "I learned that the world isn't just about me. It really helped me see the big picture."

The brother and sister team are doing their best to help that bigger picture. "Any time you give to a community that needs help, it's ultimately gonna be a better community," Jordan says. "I love helping people."

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