2011 Volunteers of the Year

Each April, the YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth honors volunteers who have taken an active role in helping our Y strengthen its community through their support and countless hours volunteering. At  the 122nd Annual Meeting on April 3, several volunteers were honored, including:

Buddy Puente - 2011 Chi Rho Award Recipient
Buddy PuenteVictor “Buddy” Puente, Jr. has been involved with the Y his entire life. As a child, Buddy took part in Y activities with his family. As a parent, Buddy encouraged his children to be involved in many Y programs and activities. He started volunteering with the Y as a coach in 1977.
In 2004, Buddy joined the Metropolitan Board of Directors. He has served in various leadership positions and currently is Secretary of the Board and a member of the Program Committee and Executive Committee. He is an active donor and volunteer in the annual Step Up for Kids Campaign as both a Division Leader and this past year as Campaign Vice Chair. He is a former member of the Finance Committee and was involved in strategic planning for the association.
Buddy was Chair for the Board Campaign of the Building a Place for You Capital Campaign for the Downtown YMCA, the branch where he and his family were first involved with the Y. As a result of their support, the Puente Family Conference Room and the Southwest Office Systems Conference Room are named in their honor.
Buddy’s service to the Y exemplifies the devotion and commitment it takes to be recognized as a Chi Rho Award recipient. The YMCA thanks Buddy and his family for their continued support and dedication.

The Morris Foundation - 2011 Community Partnership Award Recipient
For over 10 years, The Morris Foundation has supported the efforts of the YMCA to provide programs to families in financially challenged communities. Specific support of child care and summer camping experiences has had a tremendous impact on the families served.
The foresight of Mr. Morris to direct funding to such endeavors, and the leadership of Joe Monteleone to continue those efforts, has made a lasting impact on not only the Y but also on the broader community.
The Morris Foundation is well known in Fort Worth for strong, consistent support of children and families in our community. This generosity and continued involvement encourages the Y to continue its commitment to providing higher quality programs to all, regardless of one’s financial resources.
This recognition gives the Y the opportunity to say “thank you” to the Foundation. The YMCA is honored to be a partner with The Morris Foundation now and in the future.

2011 Henry Meadows Volunteers of the Year: 

/uploadedImages/Locations/Airport/Spotlight/Katie - AP.jpg Katie Mayeux, AIRPORT AREA YMCA  

 Katie Mayeux has been a tremendous volunteer for the Airport Area YMCA, and has made a positive impact on the branch through countless hours of volunteering. She served on the Board of Managers, volunteered as a volleyball coach and dedicated many hours to the Step Up for Kids Campaign by organizing a Family Fun Day fundraiser. She is also active in the Walk to Recess program and has begun organizing an adult sports league at the Y. The Airport Area YMCA is honored that Katie has shared her time, talents and resources with our Y. 



/uploadedImages/Locations/Benbrook/Spotlight/Nelda - Bb.jpg  Nelda Freeman, BENBROOK COMMUNITY CENTER YMCA 

Since the Benbrook Community Center YMCA opened in 2001, Nelda Freeman has been there making an impact in the community. She has served on the Board of Managers for many years and volunteers for the Step Up for Kids Campaign. A breast cancer survivor since 2004, Nelda is a participant in the first session of the LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA program and is on the leadership/implementation team for the Benbrook YMCA. We admire Nelda for her passion and enthusiasm in all that she does for our Y.




   Darryl Roseborough  Darryl Roseborough, CAMP CARTER YMCA

Darryl Roseborough wears many hats as he volunteers at the Equestrian Center at Camp Carter. With an expertise in many areas, Darryl is able to repair electrical, plumbing and general maintenance problems, saving the staff valuable time and money. In addition, Darryl’s many community contacts have helped procure supplies at a discounted rate. Darryl is always willing to help and remains eager no matter what task he may be asked to help with.




 /uploadedImages/Locations/Downtown/spotlight/Karen-DT.JPG  Karen Houston, AMON G. CARTER, JR. DOWNTOWN YMCA  

Karen Houston is a true advocate for the Downtown YMCA. She has been an exceptional volunteer for the Step Up for Kids Campaign. As an employee of the Housing Authority, Karen has been a liaison with her staff by asking for their support of the Campaign and the Amaka Child Care Center operated by the Downtown YMCA. It is because of Karen’s enthusiasm for our mission and diligent volunteering that the Downtown YMCA continues to grow and thrive within our community.




 /uploadedImages/Locations/Eastside/spotlight/Diane - ES.jpg  Diane Winfrey, EASTSIDE YMCA 

Diane Winfrey is an active member of the Eastside YMCA’s Board of Managers and currently serves as chair. She helped lead the Eastside YMCA to 101% of goal as chair for the 2012 Step Up for Kids Campaign. Diane is a constant advocate of the mission of the Y in the Eastside community and we appreciate her selfless volunteerism to help our Y grow and thrive.





 /uploadedImages/Spotlight/Suzi - HC.jpg  Suzi Lewis, HOOD COUNTY YMCA 

Suzi Lewis has been active on the Hood County Board of Managers since 2007, and has been involved in the Step Up for Kids Campaign as a fundraiser for years. During 2011 Suzi was instrumental in the formation of the Lake Granbury Recreational Association, created to work with the county on a future recreational facility, and has been active in promoting the Y and future facility. Suzi is the Hood County YMCA’s biggest advocate in the five years it has been in existence.




 /uploadedImages/Locations/McDonald_Community/spotlight/Rebecca - SE.jpg  Rebecca Minneweather, McDONALD COMMUNITY & SOUTHEAST MULTI-AGENCY YMCAs 

For over 10 years, Rebecca Minneweather has volunteered for the McDonald Community & Southeast Multi-Agency YMCAs. She worked hard to ensure that the Step Up for Kids Campaign goal was met and volunteered at many special events in 2011. Rebecca serves on the Program Committee where she helps create new and exciting ways to serve our community. She is truly committed to the Y and its mission and we appreciate her dedication and continued service to our cause.



  /uploadedImages/Locations/Northpark/Spotlight/Shannon - NP.jpg  Shannon Watt, NORTHPARK YMCA 

Shannon Watt is an active and involved member of the Northpark YMCA’s Board of Managers. He served as chair of both the Step Up for Kids Campaign and Chair’s Roundtable Division where both goals were met, and will chair the 2012 Finance Committee. He led several special interest classes at the branch and was involved with other committees and events at the Y. Shannon has a terrific philanthropic attitude and is a great example of a dedicated volunteer within our Y.




  /uploadedImages/Locations/Northwest/Spotlight/Daniel-NW.JPG  Daniel Dennison, NORTHWEST YMCA 

Daniel Dennison is a very committed volunteer for the Northwest YMCA, serving on the Board of Managers, Board Development committee and is chairperson of the Active Older Adult committee. He organized the first annual senior adults vs. staff volleyball game as well as several cookouts. Daniel organized the "Adopt a Highway" for members to clean up Boat Club Road and volunteers for our Step Up For Kids campaign and special events. We appreciate Daniel’s dedication to the Northwest YMCA.




/uploadedImages/Spotlight/Nola - RY.jpg  Nola Kissell, RYAN FAMILY YMCA 

Nola Kissell is a true believer in the Y and its mission. Since joining the Ryan Family YMCA, she has volunteered to help special needs members with their exercise and encourages new members to participate in classes and activities. For the past two years, she has volunteered her time at phone-a-thons and events to raise money for the Step Up for Kids Campaign. She also loves engaging new members in Zumba classes. We appreciate Nola’s positive energy and outgoing personality in all that she does for the Y.




/uploadedImages/Locations/Southwest/Spotlight/Ken - SW.jpg  Ken Evans, E.R. VAN ZANDT SOUTHWEST YMCA 

Ken Evans has been a member of the Southwest YMCA’s Board of Managers since 2005, and is serving his second year as chair. As a past Step Up for Kids Campaign chair, Ken has been actively involved in the campaign and fundraising. He has initiated new relationships with vendors and contractors for facility improvements to benefit the Y. Ken is a true asset as a volunteer and a pleasure to work with.





/uploadedImages/Spotlight/Casey - WS.jpg  Casey Tibbets, WESTSIDE YMCA 

In his first year of serving on the Westside YMCA Board of Managers, Casey Tibbets stepped up and led the Step Up For Kids campaign and surpassed the goal by over $3,000. In addition to his own pledge, he raised over $2,000 for the 2012 campaign. He has also been working to revitalize the board and committees. Casey’s leadership and passion for the Y brings about a meaningful and enduring change for the community.



 Katelynn Badger  Katelynn Badger, TCU STUDENT YMCA

Katelynn Badger is an enthusiastic member of the TCU Student Y. She currently sits on the Eastside YMCA Board of Managers and is the program director for the TCU Student Y College Student for a Day program. She is passionate about college access initiatives. We thank Katelynn for her community outreach with TCU and the Y.  




 Paige Rodriguez Paige Rodriguez, TCU STUDENT YMCA

Paige Rodriguez currently serves as Vice President of the TCU Student Y. She served as program director of the Frog Sports program through the Student Y and coached two seasons of basketball at the Eastside YMCA. Paige’s dedication to the Y’s mission has been critical to the TCU Student Y’s growth on campus.






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