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I am Ryan McDonald, but in my small hometown of Justin, Texas everyone calls me “Mac.” I am 38 years old. I have an awesome wife of almost 15 years and two great kids.

I’m an ordinary guy living out extraordinary adventures I previously thought impossible as I lived for almost 20 years in a morbidly obese body, and a whole lot longer than that just being fat.

In November 2009 at age 34, necrotizing fasciitis attacked my body near my heart. My gi-normous (gigantic and enormous together--you get the picture) weight at 530 lbs caused my body to be weak and made me susceptible to this flesh-eating bacteria. I remember lying in the hospital bed with the operating table lights on me thinking, “I’ve had a good life. If it all ended right now, I’d be ok.” I’m not sure why I was resigned to that, but for so long I had resigned myself to my unhealthy status quo. Death was just one more thing for me to resign myself to.

You can't do anything that you want to do when you are 530 lbs. Anything that demands strength from your body, working, recreation, even just walking in the store is so much harder, if not impossible, when you are that big.
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